Music Libraries

 - Reflect -
Emotion, Flow, Depth
Drive Logo - Drive -
Pumped, Rapid, Upbeat
 - Natural -
Soft, Acoustic, Smooth
Demise Logo - Demise -
Dark, Angry, Vigorous
 - Pulsar -
Spacey, Ethereal, Light
Crimson Logo
 - Crimson -
Heavy, Energized, Tense
Soul Logo - Soul -
Mellow, Bluesy, Fusion
 - Diverse -
Unusual, Unique, Different

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The BEAT that GROOVES with your FEET sm

Double Bass Drum Music Is An Exclusive Music Development Company, Specializing In Original Music, Custom Music And Music Library Development.

Our artists working at double bass drum music specialize in Many styles of music, Not only do we take requests for music, if you like one of our artists, you can request them to do custom variations of released music.

 - specialized music that suits your style -