Music Libraries

 - Reflect -
Emotion, Flow, Depth
Drive Logo - Drive -
Pumped, Rapid, Upbeat
 - Natural -
Soft, Acoustic, Smooth
Demise Logo - Demise -
Dark, Angry, Vigorous
 - Pulsar -
Spacey, Ethereal, Light
Crimson Logo
 - Crimson -
Heavy, Energized, Tense
Soul Logo - Soul -
Mellow, Bluesy, Fusion
 - Diverse -
Unusual, Unique, Different

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Our Artists At DBDM Can Create Custom Music To Fit Your Needs.

If you can't find what you want within our libraries, don't give up!

- We take requests! -

Do you have a movie trailer, feature video, Video Game or commercial that requires the mood of the music to match your production Perfectly?

Our artists can dial in the exact musical character to fulfill your needs.