Music Libraries

 - Reflect -
Emotion, Flow, Depth
Drive Logo - Drive -
Pumped, Rapid, Upbeat
 - Natural -
Soft, Acoustic, Smooth
Demise Logo - Demise -
Dark, Angry, Vigorous
 - Pulsar -
Spacey, Ethereal, Light
Crimson Logo
 - Crimson -
Heavy, Energized, Tense
Soul Logo - Soul -
Mellow, Bluesy, Fusion
 - Diverse -
Unusual, Unique, Different

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Our artists have Decades of Combined Creative Experience which Contributes To Double Bass Drum Music's Unique Sound.

- We Offer -

Drum Recording, Guitar Recording, Synthesizer Programing and Recording, Keyboard Recording, Electronic Percussion recording, Sample Creation, Mixing, Mastering, Effects Programing, Video Game music composing, Movie Soundtrack work, Video Sound support and Graphics Design.

DBDM has taken over the copy-write ownership of "The Onyx Star" and "Onyx Star Music (BMI)" music catalog with Artist Clifford Marshall Van Buren.